Being a Balanced Mompreneur

It’s my favorite time of year! Summer is here and leading to this, I was just so excited I was giving Reese random hugs every day as we counted down the days till summer. Having the children home is such a joy for me, but I also know that with them having more free time actually comes a bigger challenge for me to balance my time even more.

It’s a blessing that as a mompreneur, we can relatively control how much of our hours we spend for work, home, family, and self. It is not always the case though. Responsibilities crop up and there are instances when you just can’t say no. Yes, my schedule revolves around my children’s schedule. meaning I can set appointments when the kids are also tied up and don’t need me to be present, or I can have them join me in some meetings or events where the venue is a mom-friendly one. However it is just being realistic to know that there will be events, presentations, meetings that we can’t bring them along, when we HAVE TO be away from them at a certain time and those times happen to be in conflict with family time. So what does one do?

Here are some of my own tips I’d like to share with my fellow mompreneurs on how to know we are living balanced days and how to make sure we are:

1) LET GO OF “THE FEELS”. The first thing to do is to throw the mom guilt out the window. Yes we want to be there for the kids as much as we can, but face it, we can’t. It isn’t realistic nor fair to ourselves to put that emotional burden on ourselves, and you know what, we don’t have to and we shouldn’t. My tip is to think of ways on how to use emotions in a positive way. It just takes a slight paradigm shift.

Feel the mom guilt creeping up on you? Instead of letting it hit you where it hurts (because it will if you let it) use it as an internal “check and balance”. Just know right away that if you’re feeling guilty then yes it may mean that you need to spend more time with them. Just look at your coming schedules and make the time. Don’t dwell. Just know the feeling is there, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom, just move on and deal with it by taking steps for the better.

2) BE PROACTIVE. How do you deal with it? The only solution is really to bring back your focus on your priorities. If your priority is the children, then quickly assess where you are at the moment, recalibrate and take steps towards making improvements.
When there are times that I keep forgetting to send my kids’ reply slips on time, or I forgot to buy the materials for my son’s project, or when Reese’s baon got left behind at home, I know I am imbalanced and I have to recalibrate. Yes I feel bad, but I try to be proactive and focus on making things better. I check what I’ve been spending time on and see if I was living life productively or on time wasters. Then the most important solution: make the time with the kids. Plan those pockets of time. It doesn’t have to be formal, nor elaborate, not even lengthy. Here are simple things I’ve done lately with the kids whenever my inner compass, “mom guilt” rears its ugly head, or when I’ve felt the need to recalibrate:

Walked with Reese and Jagger to the park one afternoon

Cooked up some pancakes with Zach

Hied off to Starbucks with Coby

or just went for a bowling match with Gary and the kids

30 minutes, an hour, half a day, the weekend- that’s sometimes enough to take away all the bad feelings and bring you back to the ideal mom zone. Know that as long as you know you spend enough quality time with them, and then the time apart should not be an issue. What is quality time anyway? For me, quality time is time with them being physically, emotionally, psychologically present to them. It’s face to face time, side by side time, on the floor time, talking time, laughing-together time, doing things THEY like time, doing things TOGETHER time.

3) SELF CARE. Since we launched the Mindful Mom campaign last January, my partners Jing, Ichel and I have been #selfcare preachers. For most, self care is associated with a day in the spa or the nail salon, but self care can be done even when a day of pampering is not possible. It may just need you to open up your senses, and go through your days more consciously. For me, my best mindful self care moments are like these:
– Getting my hands busy on doodling, calligraphy or simple crafts
– Enjoying a new scent like a light perfume or aromatherapy oils
– Trying out a new recipe and watching my family enjoy eating it
– Purging my closet! #kondofied
– Indulging in my favorite food like a bowl of hot carbonara, a cup of tea, crackers and pate, or a piece of dark chocolate
– Writing- on my blog, in my notebook, a letter or a prayer
Simple, mundane things can bring much joy, a joy that refreshes and re-energizes. These moments of simple joys fills up our tanks and allows us to love more. It is what you can draw from when times get stressful and overwhelming. Take the time to practice self care. It is not only for you, but for them too.

4) WHAT MATTERS MOST. As much as I love being a mompreneur, and have been encouraging every mom to follow her passions and set up a business, it is most important to always remember that motherhood is a 24/7 job but mompreneurship is not. One of the challenges of being in business is that there is no bundy clock, and when we are passionate the business can easily take over the personal time, the home and the family life.

So we need to always remember what matters most, and that is, our kids, and making sure they are loved and cared for. They should know we are always there for them, that we have an emotional connection with them, and that we love them.

We also make sure they are healthy, that they eat nutritious food, they are physically active, and that they are doing their best in school and in their activities.

As parents we make sure we choose the best for them, even the mutivitamins that we make them take every day. For example, choosing Propan TLC syrup for the kids ensures they take in minerals like chlorella, lysine and taurine, as well as essential vitamins that maintain the necessary nutrients for their bodies.

In the end, if we are able to fulfill this main role in our lives, that of being a mom, the role that matters most, then this always tips the balance towards the good and we know we are doing a good job.

This is a sponsored post by Propan TLC, a brand that believes in providing complete and proper nutrition for children. As we all strive to live balanced lives with enough time to work and play, let’s remember to also ensure our kids have balanced nutrition intake with the right food and multivitamins.

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