Celebrating Motherhood with Trollbeads

Mother’s day is right around the corner and as the date draws near I usually get asked what I would want for mother’s day. This is my 19th Mother’s day, and every year, the wish just gets simpler and simpler. I just want time with my family, that is really all. But then the special gifts still come in, as every child, and my husband Gary, family and friends, want to make sure the day won’t pass without me feeling special. That’s such a blessing, isn’t it? So what among these gifts stand out? Usually it is the one that is given with much thought, one that is personalised, these things help make mother’s day an extra treat.

Thoughtful and personalised, one such gift I received is Trollbeads. Trollbeads is a precious set of jewellery, one which allows you to mix and match beads on bracelets, with each bead symbolising a special moment in my life, or a special feeling one wants to convey. I also feel that Trollbeads matches my lifestyle and personality, I prefer simple and understated pieces, I am a super sentimental person, and one who loves keeping memories and remembering moments. I was happy to be invited to this special lunch with Trollbeads and two of my mom friends, Jackie and Rowena.

In our marked seats, were personalized bags which had this touching message: Celebrate Janice. It tugged at my heart because this felt like an occasion really made for me, to celebrate me, to celebrating me as a mom.

I was excited to open my gift, the “unboxing” of a very thoughtful present.

I love the special leather Trollbeads case, and of course my bracelet with a very personalized selection of Trollbeads beads

to celebrate me and my family, the people who matter most to me, the ones who make me happy and fulfilled, and people I would do anything for.

This very special message also touched me deeply, I felt both humbled and blessed at the same time.

My Trollbeads bracelet and beads- the pieces that make a whole and symbolize me as a person, and me as a mom.

My Trollbeads bracelet is made of high quality silver and is exquisitely made, it is no wonder that the brand has existed for so long, since it started in 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Each bead is unique and symbolic, as explained by Trollbeads below:

(from left to right)

A symbolic letter bead in M. Mom, Mommy Mundo is what you are

An elegant faceted glass bead. Precious red flames sparkle from the inside showing love and vitality, passion and strength.

One of Trollbeads’ bestselling silver beads. A wish for neverending possibilities and opportunities

Works with 20 of the best designers of beads in the world

I learned that Trollbeads works with more than 200 best jewelry designers and each one is an original design, made with high quality materials, following strict quality standards. Trollbeads beads come in silver, 18K gold, silver, glass, precious and semi-precious stones, amber and even fresh water pearls.

What makes Trollbeads different is that the bracelets are double-ended locks, which allows us to change the beads without the need for special tools, and also, which is one thing I love, you can customize further by choosing a special lock to represent you, or the person you are giving a Trollbeads set to.

My LACE LOCK (at the bottom) described as a “sterling Silver lock lace is a representation of femininity in most cultures.”

Now that I have a very special Trollbeads bracelet of my own, I’ll start collecting a special bead for every milestone of my mommy life. So when I look down at my hand, I’ll remember how special life is and how grateful I am for all the blessings I’ve been given so far.

My 19th mother’s day made extra memorable.

In Manila, Trollbeads stores are located at

Robinsons Magnolia
Glorietta 2
SM Mall of Asia
Ayala Center Cebu

Trollbeads’ website: www.trollbeads.com
Facebook and Instagram: @trollbeadsph

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