Demystifying LASIK (Part 2 of 2)

It’s now been almost three months since I had my Refractive LASIK surgery and till now, I can hardly believe that I have said goodbye to glasses and contacts and that my eyesight has actually gone back to 20-20, as certified by my last eye check up at the Asian Eye Institute.

I’ve been excited to share about my LASIK experience, and never hesitate to talk about it with family and friends who I know would benefit from knowing about the benefits of LASIK and that really, there is nothing to be afraid of. Thus the title of this post. I felt like there was a need to “demystify” the whole LASIK procedure, that there are many people like me who didn’t even consider doing LASIK because of unverified facts and information. After experiencing the benefits, I not only want to share my story with others but I NEED to. I think it’s worth learning about this technology because it can really alter your life as it did mine, and what more for those with debilitating eye grade!

I wrote about the initial steps I went through prior to my surgery here. Asian Eye brought me, and each LASIK candidate, through an extensive screening process to make sure they have all the vital information about you, your eyes, along with your expectations. Then comes the BIG day, surgery day…

For the big surgery day, I was advised to come early for the set appointment with my physician, Dr. Robert Ang. I was not allowed to put on any make up, no perfume or cologne is allowed either. This is because perfumes and scents may emit fumes that could interfere with the lasers that will be used on my eyes. I was also advised to make sure to arrange for a ride home because I would not be able to drive after surgery, and also not to even schedule any activities afterwards because I would need to rest my eyes as much as possible.

When I reached Asian Eye, I was asked to wear a blue surgical gown on top of my clothes. I was also asked to put on shoe covers since the surgery area is sanitized, and also don a shower cap. I was assigned a locker for all my other personal items. Then once I was ready, I was ushered into a waiting area which was full of LaZboy couches.

Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

I took the opportunity to take one last picture with my glasses on. While waiting, patients who were scheduled before me would come out of the room, and observing that they looked very well, walking out cool, calml and collected, I was more excited than nervous for my own turn.
Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

Finally, I was called inside and there I saw the LASIK machine. They covered one eye, leaving the other eye exposed, as this was the eye Dr. Ang would start on. In this case, it was my right eye.
Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

One of the doctors obliged me and took a photo before I was asked to lie down into the machine. Before starting, Dr. Ang reiterated what he told me during pre-surgery consultation, that because of my age my “near vision” might not be “super clear” even after surgery. It would be my “far vision” that would be corrected. His being clear and straightforward with me was something I appreciated, and he made sure to explain everything to ensure I understood every step of the way.

Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

My procedure then started and Dr.Ang’s calm and reassuring voice made the whole experience a more relaxed one. He would make sure to say what he was doing at every step and gently giving instructions on where to look, what to expect next (“ok we are shifting to the other eye now…”, “we’re putting eye drops…”) and always giving positive motivation like “that’s very good” and “almost done”. Under the sheet, I was holding on to my rosary, as I prayed for a smooth procedure and guidance and clarity for Dr. Ang and all those helping him with my procedure.

Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

With anesthetic eye drops administered, I barely felt anything at all. At one point, a glass lens was placed on top of my cornea and I could see the lights and laser in front of my eyes, sometimes it was bright, sometimes it was all black with lights streaming in different directions (like disco lights), but all the while, I did not feel anything, I felt like I was just watching everything as it happened.
Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

On the screen, you’ll see Dr. Ang’s view of my eye- as he repaired my lens with his deliberate and decisive actions. At one point I saw him lift the lens of my eye and then put it back, then lasered again. All this while, I was watching with amazement and thinking how amazing medical technology truly is!
Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

Around 10 minutes went by and it was done. I stood up with one of the doctors guiding me. I could see through the protective goggles but vision was stil blurry. Still, I had my photo taken with Dr. Ang in the O.R. Thank you Doctor!
Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

After stepping out of the O.R., one last check up is done and then released for home after you gather your items from the locker.

Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

Medication for home are given along with last instructions:

– You cannot shampoo your hair, or put shower on your head for the next few days.
– No eye make up allowed either.
– You will be advised not to do heavy physical activities nor go swimming for the next month or so, or until the doctor clears you.
– Avoid driving vehicles especially at night for the first days or until doctor clears you.
– Wear your goggles ALL THE TIME for the first week. Even if indoors, you must be careful about NOT touching your eyes, rubbing it, or getting dust or small particles inside your eye at this very delicate stage.

– You will be given 3 different eye drops. Be religious in putting these eye drops that are prescribed.

Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

One is an anti-bacterial, one is anti-inflammatory, and one is a lubricant. Dry eyes and seeing streaming lines when exposed to bright lights are all normal for the coming weeks.

My post LASIK experience went smoothly! I was able to text on my phone right after, and still didn’t feel any pain even after the anesthesia wore off. I made sure to keep my eyes closed and sleep as soon as I got home so that my eyes would be fully rested and recover better.

Lasik demystified, Asian Eye
At the lobby of Asian Eye in Rockwell, trying to get used to my new “goggle” look!

Like most anything else, experiences do differ. Although generally, LASIK patients go through the procedure very quickly and painlessly the way I did, there are some who tell me they had a different experience, but always the commonality is that the procedure is quick and smooth, generally painless, or if there was any pain, it was definitely bearable, some experience more tearing afterwards, most comment about the dryness and the need to always lubricate. But over all, everyone agrees everything is WORTH IT, and that day after, when you wake up and see a bright CLEAR morning, you see the face of your husband and/or kids with super clear vision. is the day you will rejoice and remember forever. Somehow, after this day, I don’t think I’ll ever take my eyesight for granted. To see clearly is a blessing and a gift!

Dr. Ang will ask to see you the day after surgery for a check up, and then once a month till the third month. On my first month chcek up, I saw my mompreneur friend, Joy, who was there to get screened for LASIK. Was so excited for her!
Lasik demystified, Asian Eye

By the way, that first check up revealed thaht my eye grade was 20-15! They say that is even better than 20-20. Wow. On my next check up, my grade had normalized at 20-20- that is perfect vision!
Asian Eye LASIK
With Dr. Ang and Audrey of Asian Eye during my last check up

If you are considering LASIK, visit Asian Eye and get a consultation so that you can get the facts straight and decide based on actual information.
Give them a call to set an appointment:

Telephone number: (02) 898 2020
Address: 8th to 10th floor, Phinma Bldg., Rockwell, Makati


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