I love our Electrolux refrigerator!

Among all the many doors found in my entire home, can you guess which door is the most used besides probably the front door? I would have to say it’s the door of our refrigerator!

Making sure that we have a good, sturdy ref for our family of 5 plus 3 helpers at home is something important to me. In our 18 years of marriage, we have had 4 changes in refrigerator units, and naturally, the appliance follows the progression of our family. It has slowly grown in size (just like our kids!), in capacity, and in functionalities simply because our needs are also changing and growing.

Our very first ref was really a starter unit for a newly married couple, and if you compare it to our ref today, from size, material down to technological features, its evolution is something this busy mom is thankful for.

We’ve leveled up in terms of look- from the regular 9-cubic foot ref with a plastic surface that we got as a wedding gift, to a bigger 11 cubic feet, to a sleek black one, and to the one we are loving now, our Electrolux 3-door stainless steel refrigerator-freezer.

Check it out!

The freezer:

How it looks on a good day. The goal is to maintain this but that is not always easy!


For me, the middle compartment is what sets this Electrolux model apart. I always rave about this middle compartment because it can actually be adjusted into a either a freezer or a refigerator. On regular days we keep it as a refrigerator, to store my fruits for juicing or the kids’ tetra packs of milk and yogurt drinks.

But occasionally we convert it to a freezer, like during Christmas when we had so sweets and leftover food to store. I’ve also mentioned to my breastfeeding friends that this is also a function perfect for nursing moms who store their milk because they can keep this entire compartment for breastmilk, keep it away from the frozen food and meat, and then after your breastfeeding days are over, just convert to regular use! Such a convenient and versatile feature of our ref!

The middle compartment has a pull out compartment.

The bottom compartment is also quite spacious, with different areas to keep our food, drinks, fruits and veggies organized. Not only that, the refrigerator has a unique feature called Nutrilight(TM) that helps improve the vitamin content of vegetables and fruits while in the ref.

Its FlexStor(TM) and FlexFresh compartments, as the names imply, gives us much flexibility in terms of configuring the right amount of storage space for each type of food item.

This part of the ref can be pulled out for easier access to the items inside.

I love that the drawers have freshness tabs. See the tab to keep veggies fresher, longer. No need to worry about bad smells from this ref as it has a DeoFresh feature which makes use of a dual nano copper deodorizing system within.

Lots of space as well on the inside of the door.

All functionalities of this appliance can be controlled on its front panel. You can adjust temperatures of each compartment- top, middle and bottom. There is a function for long term storage like if you foresee that you will be away on a trip so that the appliance will go on energy saving mode. I also love that an alarm goes off when the door is left ajar accidentally. That’s not a very uncommon occurence especially with young kids in the house.

The most fun function is its Quick Cool function which Gary loves because he never wants to drink anything that is room temperature.

My Electrolux freezer’s quick cool function in action:

Another plus for me is its being energy efficient. When years ago ‘no frost’ would put a huge dent on your electricity bill, today’s frost-free units are already energy efficient so we can say a happy goodbye (and good riddance) on having to defrost. This model defrosts only when necessary because of its Adaptive Defrost System.

Like my other Electrolux appliances, I love our refrigerator-freezer and I know that because of its quality, it will serve our family’s needs for a long time.

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