Lego Friends

Like most boys his age, our son Z is a Lego lover.

He collects Lego sets, mini figs,

and Lego merchandise.

He even researches on Lego trends when he’s online and his ultimate dream is to have a machine that will allow him to customize Lego pieces that are not sold in the stores! #LegObsessed.

Late last year, he told us he read that Lego is launching a new line of themed sets made specially for girls. First I thought, but isn’t Lego made for boys AND girls? When Gary and I saw the new Lego Friends line on our recent trip abroad, we knew what Z and Lego meant.

Beside the Star Wars sets, Bionicle, and Ninjago was the new line, and it was 100% girly. It seemed like the sets were in all pink and purple shades, from packaging down to the bricks. I think Lego planned its line up of sets right, the Butterfly Beauty Shop, Olivia’s Tree House, Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery. There was a Pet Shop, Cafe, Vet clinic, and several more. Well thought-out themes any girl would love!

We got R the Beauty Salon plus the Outdoor Bakery as an add on. For sure, she’ll enjoy these, and Kuya, the Lego connoiseure, would be amazed to see them after just reading about in the news.
Lego Friends

Sure enough, she loved it and Z was amazed. She wanted to open it and assemble the morning after we arrived.  I was so tempted to just grab the bricks and assemble the yummy- colored pieces myself but I consciously stopped myself. I let R do it herself with me just guiding her, making sure she did every step right. I also begged requested forced her to let me be the one to put the stickers on.:P

Lego Friends

Lego Friends

We finished the salon structure
Lego Friends

Lego Friends

Then started on the interiors and little accessories.
Lego Friends

Goooosh, look at these cute mini lipsticks!!!
Lego Friends

When I say mini, i mean mini!
Lego Friends
Mini Lipstick/ Lego brick, 1:100

Lego Friends
Mini Lipstick/ R’s face, 1:1000

Lego Friends
Cute is in the details. There’s a swivel chair, mirrors, wigs and the mini lipsticks, cashier and a tub of tiny brushes, blow dryers and combs.

Lego Friends

The completed Salon and Cafe and the Lego Friends Ladyfigs: Sarah, Stephanie, Emma
Lego Friends

The Kuya comes to inspect our work
Lego Friends

Lego Friends

Lego Friends
Yay! We got a thumbs up!

Lego Friends
I can see someone’s (dancing) feet closely following in her Kuya’s footsteps as a Lego fan.

We looove lego! It’s one of our fave toys for our kids- encouraging focus and concentration, it develops their fine motor skill, teaches them to follow sequencing and visual instructions. It also teaches patience, delayed gratification and just allows them to enjoy quiet play and creative fun!

See more info on Lego Friends here. According to the Philippine distributor of Lego, LAJ Philippines, Lego Friends should be out in local stores by February.
Meanwhile, I now have a pair of Lego fans at home, brother and sister, who are also Lego friends:)

P.S. Apparently there protests in the US against Lego accusing them of gender-biased marketing.
Sorry but after having two sons, I have gone through all the sporty stuff, Hot Wheels, Beyblades, video games, you name it, I am now totally enjoying my little girl along with all the girly, crafty, princessy, pink and purple things she loves. Like in most things, the key I believe is in balancing things out. R has a sporty side, she plays basketball, loves football, and being active, but she has no interest at all in cars and toy planes and I don’t think it’s for lack of exposure.
So I say, Great job, Lego!

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  1. Chris says:

    i just showed this to my 7 year old girl and she seemed interested too! 😀

  2. Tonette Calderon Crisostomo says:

    LOVE IT!!! It’s great that Reese can share Kuya Zach’s passion for Lego!! Jake will be following in their footsteps!

  3. This is such a wonderful display & story of exactly for *who* and why The LEGO Group designed Friends! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Do you mind if I link this story from my blog?

  4. Oooo…Cute! It never really entered my mind that Lego was targeted for boys since I loved playing with them when I was little. Now that I see those girl-themed ones did I realize that most of their sets did border on the male testosterone. Hehehe! =)

  5. janice says:

    Chris, any girl i think would love these Lego sets. They’re too cute!
    @Tonette, I’m sure Jake will be a Lego lover too!
    @LegoMyMamma, thanks for dropping by! Yes go ahead and link:)
    @Tin, I agree! the classic Legos are those that came in red, blue, yellow and black bricks right? But the new sets are more for boys ie Lego Star Wars, Lego City, and Ninjago etc.:) Thanks for reading!

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