Loving (my) Curves

A gym just for women? On the wall, a poster says, Curves Gym: no men, no mirrors, no make up, no judgement – even if I wanna take butt enhancement pills.  Aside from the “no men” part since I am missing my workout buddy Gary here, I didn’t think the other three elements made much difference. First I thought, so what, I don’t look at myself in the mirror when I work out at a regular gym, nor do I ever wear make up when I workout. But a big difference, this gym turned out to be.

First is the layout. Curves Gyms looks like this: it’s a room with machines facing each other in a circuit training format. I imagine this room filled with all my girl friends. That would be one big fitness party! What fun:)

Curves gym
The gym at Curves Serendra BGC

The machines are set alternating with platforms called “recovery stations”. After each machine, which is designed to work a specific muscle group, you can do routines on the platform with a trainer guiding you through steps which varies all throughout. Yes, there is never a dull moment in this place.

The Curves circuit
Curves gym
This is the recovery station

The machines work with hydraulics and not weights, making the intensity and resistance totally dependent on your own strength, power and speed. Push and pull faster = burn more. Always engage your core, always do proper breathing. Those are important points the trainer reminds you of all throughout.

Curves gym
One of the friendly trainers at Curves Serendra

Music is playing all day, with a friendly voice-prompt calling out every 30 seconds to proceed to the next station. With music pumping, your very pleasant trainer smiling in front you, guiding, motivating and giving steps and actions to follow, Curves sure makes getting stronger and more fit so enjoyable.

One workout runs for 30 minutes which equals two (2) full rounds of all the machines and recovery stations. Several times during your rounds, the voice prompt will ask you to step away from your station, to put your forefinger on your pulse point and count your heart rate. This chart will show you the ideal heart rate based on your age. If you are able to reach the ideal heart rate (80% on the chart), that means you are in the “fat burning zone”.

Curves gym

During my first session at Curves Serendra, I was given a personal assessment and did some goal setting.

Curves gym
Camille, Curves Serendra manager

Curves gym
My Curves file- pre-program measurements, health information, and goals

Curves gym
These were my goals and objectives for joining Curves, and in general for trying to stay in shape

I loved the gym’s clean facilities too. Besides the locker and sinks, this area has three shower/ changing rooms at the end of it.

Curves gym
Clean facilities

Having friends around also helps a lot. My high school friend Marivic holds the record for the most number of workouts in Curves Serendra!

400 workouts to date! Addict!:)

Upon reaching this milestone, she was awarded this shirt for 400 workouts! Good job Marivic!:)

Curves gym
The 400 workout tee

I also had the chance to workout with fellow SoMom, Jenny who just had crossfit that morning then ran 10 blocks before we did the circuit together. Superwoman!

Curves gym
Jenny pushing it

Curves gym
It’s more fun at Curves with friends!

Oh and after each workout is the great finale- an encounter with this stretching machine. Stretching properly and thoroughly keeps muscles lean, it also helps prevents injuries. This machines helps me stretch out my back, chest and shoulders which usually ends up very tight after my workouts.

Curves gym
All I want for Christmas is this stretching machine

Curves gym

I’m loving Curves so far! The quick 30-minute workouts are perfect for women like me who just can’t afford to spend two or three hours in a regular gym. I love that it’s a no nonsense, easy to follow, fun program. Just take 3x a week of this necessary me-time and I end up with more energy, I go home not only a healthier mom but a happier mom.

Check out this endorphin-laden me…
Curves gym

Curves gym
Post workout selfie- exercise makes me happy!

If you’re looking for a way to keep fit, moms, this one’s worth a try.

Curves is located at 2/F Serendra BGC, and 4/F Eastwood Citywalk, Libis. For updates, check out Curves Philippines on Facebook.
Curves also offers regular Zumba classes in both centers.

Curves gym

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    Hello, may I ask the price range of their rates if you have any idea? I tried contacting them but they have to do full assessment first before discussing the price. Kahit range lang ng price para may idea ako if magpapa-assess ako or not. Thanks!

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