My Top 15 Favorite Things for Summer

I think summer is the best time of the year! The kids are out of school, everything seems to move at a (relatively) slower pace and everyone seems to be in a better mood. Even if summer is the busiest season in our events business, I noticed that there abounds a feeling of relaxation mixed with anticipation for what summer will bring. Amidst work schedules for my husband and I, and the busy schedule of our kids’ summer activities, we’ve got several trips scheduled in between, a few quick and small ones and a week-long vacation to cap off the summer before school starts again. The kids also beg us for some at-home time, when they can just laze their days away, or sleep till noon, and just enjoy doing nothing. I think that’s good too, and, from what I remember in my own childhood…that…was….heaven. πŸ™‚

So last weekend our family hied off to our first trip for summer. A weekend escape with my side of the family. While packing for the trip, I found myself loving so many of my new discoveries of cool summer products. Β It was tempting to bring everything along (and test those I haven’t used yet!) and I admit I ended up with a bigger suitcase in the end! With so many new stuff, I decided to come up with my top 15 list of my fave summer items:

Let’s start with my fave SUMMER FOOTWEAR!

1,2 and 3. (l-r): Jelly Nelly sandals, Havaianas, Sun Saltwater Sandals
mommy matters real mom

I discovered Jelly Nelly sandals last Expo Kid where they were one of the exhibitors. The owner Johanna and her daughter were manning their booth selling these colorful, fun plastic sandals that came in kids and adult sizes. I wanted to get matching pairs for R and I but R had a similar pair already so I just purchased a pair for myself. I love my Jelly Nellies! They’re easy to wear, and are lightweight and comfy.

Since 2005, we’ve been working with Havaianas Philippines and handling their events, such as Make Your Own Havaianas, and even if we weren’t, I would probably still be a true Havaianatico. I have my basic pairs to wear with jeans and a tee, I have metallic slims to wear with my summer dresses, we all wear our Havaianas to the park, the mall, the supermarket, and on trips to the beach, its all we ever really need on our feet. We just also love its brand message: “With Havaianas, summer never has to end!” ahhhhh!

For my daughter, I love Sun-San Salt Water Sandals. She’s on her second pair already and it’s not because the previous one got broken. They’re so durable, her old pair can still look new when we pass it on to my niece to wear. Honestly, I’ve become quite picky buying shoes for my kids because it’s too often that I buy a pair and they start complaining that it’s “owie” or it just breaks after a week, and these don’t come cheap. So now I choose to invest in SaltWater Sandals for my daughter’s everyday footwear. What makes it a great summer pick is that these sandals are completely waterproof and washable. I also love that they now have metallic shades, check out the gold pair I got for R from Mothercare’s new branch in BGC.


4 & 5. Headware and Parakito
Z’s Headware and Parakito. He is obviously into camo. πŸ™‚

Now let’s talk about coverage and protection. These two products I totally love. Headware because the prints are fun and hip, the fabric is light and cool and it’s such a hip, easy way to keep my kids’ head protected from sun, my hair in place, and just an overall fun accessory to use. Parakito for me is one of, if not the best ways to protect the kids from mosquitoes. I also actually love By Nature’s Mosquito Repellent Oil which is also very effective, natural and keeps skin moisturized, and I use that often too. When I want to give my kids’ skin a rest, or when they are up for an active day in gymnastics or tennis, I strap on their Parakitos on their wrists or ankles, and their Off! (pun not intended hehehe)!


6 Lactacyd Toddler Tubs

Admittedly I initially took this product (Lactacyd Toddler Tubs) for granted because I thought it would be the same as the Lactacyd Baby Bath which I used and loved for my kids when they were infants. But when our client and friend from Sanofi, makers of Lactacyd mentioned this was a product perfect for kids spending time in the pool this summer, I tried it on my own kids and totally love it now. I inherited dry skin from my mom so my kids are prone to dry skin too so I always use bath products that have moisturizing properties in it. I switched from my old two-in-one wash, which I found to be extremely drying, and now use Lactacyd Toddler Tubs after my kids go swimming. They used it also after spending the days out in the sun and on the sand. The consistency is like a light shampoo but after showering they smelled so fresh, and their skin was soft. I’ll have this in my bath pouch this summer, along with the product below.

7. Tiny Buds Rice Powder

I stopped using baby powder when I read somewhere that talc can actually be harmful when accidentally ingested. So when I read about Tiny Buds Rice Powder being hypoallergenic and made from 100% rice grain, I thought I’d go back to using powder this summer, with the season being extra hot this year (did you notice, every day is declared the “hottest day”?). I like putting powder on the kids backs to keep their backs dry from perspiration. I also love putting powder on the kids and on me after a swim and shower because it’s so much easier to put on clothes! No need for wiggling into pants and undies haha.

8. UV Sense
This is an interesting product given to me by Mommy Mundo mompreneur, Helen of Hatch and Latch. The bracelet changes color (to light pink) to signify when it’s time to re-apply sunblock lotion on you and your kids. It also changes color (to pale yellow) to advise the wearer to cover up and get out of the sun. I found this to be super handy specially when I told the kids of the color signals, they were the ones running to me to get a fresh layer of sunblock.

My “modern mom” SAND TOYS

9. The Scrunch Bucket


First the Scrunch Bucket. I bought this from mompreneur Czarina Ty of Wee+Mutsi last year. The Scrunch Bucket is a silicone bucket that, as its name suggest you can scrunch up in any which way and it keeps its shape. Check out my scrunch bucket, er, I mean, R’s scrunch bucket in our suitcase, scrunched up right in the middle of my Aquazorb towels (see number 11)–

10. Green Toys Pail & Shovel Set
mommy matters real mom

The other amazing sand toy I love! It’s made by Green Toys, an award-winning brand of earth-friendly toys, currently distributed by Numa Baby Store.
793573454270_sand play set 2

793573454270_sand play set

What’s wonderful about this product is that it’s actually made from 100% recycled milk jugs. Imagine the technology put behind this product, just to make it eco-friendly, or one write-up described it as “eco-groovy”. Love it. This sand play set is phthalate- and BPA-free. (I better take a second look at that uber pink Disney Princess sand set of my little one.)

11. Personalized Aquazorb Towels

Love, love, love Aquazorb towels! (I’m beginning to sound like Oprah here hehe) Get the one with the finer, heavier feel because it’s more absorbent than the other kind. I love these “hightech” towels because they’re perfect to bring on swim trips and travels. They are light and compact, thus they don’t take too much space in a suitcase. They dry easily, as in really fast so when you pack up they won’t be soaking wet! and what’s special with my Aquazorb towels which I ordered from Ria Mackay of Aqualogic Swim Co is that they’re personalized so each member of my family has one and we don’t end up using each other’s towels!

12. Swim Ways Papasan Spring Float

Omg, i can still remember when C was around 6 and he wanted to bring his giant inflatable whale that Uncle Jude gave him to the beach. I was thinking of what kind of pump I had to bring, otherwise Gary and I might get blue in the face just trying to blow that thing up for our (then) little boy. Because of memories like this, I totally LOVE this swim float. It’s a bit pricey for a swim toy but if you are willing to splurge a bit, I assure you it will give you a lot of space in your suitcase (hmm notice how I value portability in most of my product picks?), very minimal (almost nill) time and effort blowing anything up, a lot of fun floating around with such ease, then packing away in, what, 2 seconds.

I love this product so much I have these photo series showing us all enjoying our Papasan–







Amazing right? I love this product so much I asked the distributor if he can sell it at our events but they don’t normally do bazaars so we are selling it for him at Expo Mom or you can also get it in SPF stores.


13. Spinkie My Favorite Blanket
My kids love having pillows and comfort stuff in the car during long drives and R just loves her Spinkie blanket. Wish it were a bit bigger (but I guess this is really meant for babies) but we love this blanket because it’s super soft! Like all Spinkie products, it’s made of 100% cotton with designer prints. The back side is a fabric that’s called “soft minky” and R and I love putting our cheeks to it because it really is so soft.

14. Peapod Baby Art Bucket
R also loves bringing her art stuff along and we got her this Art bucket from Peapod Baby. Bundle it with a pad of white paper and this keeps her happy and busy for hours and hours. Peapod products also come in really nice prints and they specialize in travel essentials for kids.

15. Tagz Bag Tags (Design your own!)
Bag Tags are another essential in my book, not only for school days but for travel time. What I like about Tagz is that they allow you to submit your own design, or you can also send photos or elements then they design it for you. Check out my Lego fanatic’s bag tag. He took a photo of his fave mini figs–

I emailed it to Tagz, and voila, it’s something Z proudly puts on his bag.

It makes me happy to share this list of my summer faves here because I believe that products are invented to ultimately make life easier and more fun for all of us. And that’s what summer is really all about– making sure we set aside time for some easy, relaxing moments, fun bonding and adventures with people that matter most. Wishing you all a happy summer!

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Prizes at stake:
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(1) Swim Ways Spring Float
(3) pieces of Headware
(1) Scrunch Bucket from Wee+Mutsi
(1) Green Toy Pail set from Numa
(1) Lactacyd Toddler Tubs gift pack

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