No More Jiggles

When Marie France finally opened its branch at BGC, I just had to visit and take a look.

In true Marie France fashion, you always feel welcome.
Marie France

I love the sleek yet cozy interiors, not clinical at all. It’s bright but not stiff, it’s easy to feel comfortable and at ease here.
Marie France

On my first visit, I decided to address one of my problem areas, the jiggles in my upper arms. I never had skinny arms but I did have firm arms, even slightly toned, but I guess age and gravity has gained some ground. Even if I maintain my weight and physique, I just noticed more flab in my arms, and see the beginnings of “mini batwings” in the excess skin that has begun to gather right at the crux where armpit and upper arm meets. So, I harness the “weapon” for this “enemy”, and it’s called the SlenderArm TriPollar treatment from Marie France!

Marie France Tripollar Legend

The treatment is applied using a wand with some gel and all you feel is a mild heated sensation but is virtually painless. SlenderArm TriPollar is a breakthrough treatment that uses tri-polar radio frequency technology to specifically target stubborn fat usually found at the back of the arms. The process gently heats the fat cells which is then dissipated through normal body processes. Marie France shares that even after treatment, you can enjoy increased metabolism so you actually keep losing fat in the treated area.

Marie France

Now after the physique, this is my next favorite treatment. It’s super effective for me even after just one session, I not only could feel tightness but could see a visible difference already. I also noticed that it reduced not only my jiggles in my upper arms but even some of the excess fat that tends to gather around the bra line.

Marie France

Check out this photo I shared before. See my horrendous arm in all its bedimpled glory–

Marie France

and check out my arms now. Different arm, different angle and lighting but I assure you both arms are much better now. 😛
Strong moms
Me with Lexi Schulze and Hilary Isaac in our “strong mama” pose. Photo from the launch of Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s new blog!

I’m thankful Marie France has all these spot treatments for our problem areas like our tummies, thighs and arms that are usually resistant even to workouts or dieting. While there are still easy ways to hide or camouflage the problem bellies and thighs (wink! wink!), it would just be sad to have to hide my arms or be conscious about it being jiggly, especially since I like going sleeveless! Another big plus is that this treatment, SlenderArm TriPollar, just like most of Marie France’s treatments, is quick and painless, there isn’t even any downtime at all. This treatment in particular just takes around 30 minutes, and now that there is a BGC branch I can squeeze in treatment schedules in between or after my meetings. Perfecto!

Marie France

BGC people! Marie France at the Fort is located at the 16th floor RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, 25th & 26th Streets, Bonifacio South, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

For Slender ArmTriPollar and other treatments, call Marie France at 894-BODY (2639).

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