Reese Reflections: The “B” Word

If you’re like me and most parents, you’d also be “allergic” to the “B” word. Especially during long school breaks or vacations, hearing the kids say “I’m BORED!” either gets to our nerves or can send us hyperventilating, especially if you start hearing it three times a day for the entire 60+ days of summer.

This recent convo with Reese made me realize that maybe, if we try taking the time to teach our kids what words really mean, so they don’t use it in context of how they encounter it in tv shows or overhearing it from friends, we can save ourselves a bit of stress. Lucky for me, Reese had her own epiphany.

During one of our trips to the mall, she excitedly shouts out:

B word

Reese: Guess what Mom! I decided I won’t use the word “BORED” anymore.

Me: That’s goooood! (you can imagine the level of my intrigue here. I just had to ask.) So, why not?

B word

Reese: Well, because I used to think “bored” meant

“I don’t know what to do”

when what it really means is

“I don’t know how to be happy alone”.

And you know how much I enjoy playing

even if I’m by myself.

B word

A defining moment, literally and figuratively, for my wonderfully intuitive 8-year old daughter.

Bravo, my Reesey.♥️

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