The Coolest Way to Slim Down

It’s been a year of being taken cared of by Marie France and I’ve felt a big difference in my body since I started my program with them. My Marie France visits have been part of my #selfcare regimen. It’s a conscious taking an hour or so off, to give time for “me”, to refresh, while improving myself.

Marie France set 3

The first treatment that was prescribed for me is the FMS treatment, or Fat Mobilization System. This is the treatment that Marie France has been known for. I’ve seen and witnessed for myself drastic weight loss success stories just from FMS alone- the closest to me was my cousin who really trimmed down when she did this program some years ago.

The first step in all Marie France sessions is measurement. On the very first session, in order to get a starting point, we are measured via the Tanita machine and some manual measuring using tape measure. In succeeding sessions, your weight will be monitored closely every time you visit. Then if I’m not mistaken, the Tanita and manual measurement is done again after 7 sessions of FMS.

Marie France

Here I am, all wrapped up and ready to go. The wraps are actually long swatches of gauze soaked in a solution. Yes it is cold but even for “ginawin” me, it is bearable. There are days that I feel more sensitive and I solve that by keeping in motion even when wrapped up.

Marie France

Underneath I wear a sports bra so that I stay comfortable and secure even when soaking wet.

Marie France

Marie France

Seeing this sign gives you motivation and comfort. A 25-min session of FMS makes you lose .5195 lbs or 2000 calories in one go.
Marie France

Admittedly, when my work sched becomes busy, it becomes challenging to make time for my Marie France #selfcare appointments. I solve this by working while doing FMS sometimes! No excuses:) Marie France

How does FMS work? How can treating your body to low temperatures actually make you lose fat?

FMS speeds up the body’s metabolism. By controlling your body’s core temperature, fat is mobilized and broken down through a process called thermogenesis, and this happens even while the body is at rest.

Speaking of rest, the new FMS was introduced last year and this makes FMS an even easier way to trim down.

This “thermo extraction” machine features rubber matts into which cold air is pumped in and temperature is controlled.
Marie France set 2

The mats are wrapped around your body and you can just lie down and relax. It is of course still cold but this time, unlike the previous FMS, it is not wet therefore it is more comfortable. When I feel too cold, they give me a blanket.
Marie France set 2

Ideally, FMS treatments are done twice a week. Avoid going if you are overly stressed or sleep deprived. For those who just gave birth, you can go 2-6 weeks after as long as you are cleared by your OB.

In my case, I noticed after several treatments, I noticed there is less excess (jiggly) fat in my thigh area (my problem area!)
Marie France

and really just a slimmer silhouette overall.
Marie France

The doctors at Marie France say that if coupled with diet and exercise, fat reduction can mobilize even faster. FMS also works best when coupled with other Marie France treatments! Cool right?

Ill share more on this in my coming posts!

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