Top 3 Dates with my Daughter

One of my best summer memories would have to be my dates with Reese. I’ve always advocated having one on one dates with each child because it’s one way we can have precious, focused time together with our kids.

For those few hours, I learn more about my kids, get an peek into their heart and minds, know about what’s going on in their lives. The dates also make them feel special, knowing that you carved out the time in your schedule just for them. As the kids grow, especially with my teens, I consider our dates as a reward for myself because being in their company is one my favorite things in life.

Our date at the Taylor Swift concert was just one among several memorable dates. Here are my 3 more memorable summer dates I had with my little girl:

Active Fun BGC

I had a meeting in BGC then had the driver bring Reese to meet up with me there afterwards. We strolled around a bit and Reese wanted to play. We would normally go to Playdium in our home court, Fun Ranch, where my office is located, but today we found ourselves in BGC so Active Fun it was.

I love going to play areas like this, even when my boys were younger. Our favorite place was Kids at Work in Glorietta and I’d be in there crawling, running, and jumping with them on the trampoline. We’d hide under the ball swim and toss the balls up in the air. So much fun! With Reese, I love doing the same even if my body isn’t as flexible, I still crawl and climb through the tubes, maybe a tad slower, but thankfully I can still do it. Phew!

Ball swims are also lots of fun although Reese doesn’t seem to enjoy getting buried in balls as much as boys wanted to. I guess it’s a boy-girl thing. Maybe she’s worried it’ll mess up her hair? Heehee.

We also used to jump around this trampoline but today, there was a sign prohibiting adults. So I just watched her expel her energy:)

Jump, Jump, Jump, my KangaREESEy:)


On another day, I wanted to have a casual day at the mall with her. I asked her to choose the mall she wanted to visit and for some reason, she chose SM Aura. She didn’t have any specific place to visit there, so while I wondered about her mall choice, I was happy I thought of bringing her to Slappy Cakes.

It was our first time but I was sure Reese would love it. She loves pancakes and incorporating her fave breakfast with her creative hands would result in a sure winner of a date.

While waiting for our order, I had to squeeze in sending out a few emails so we spent some minutes “working separately”, me on my laptop and she on her Rainbow Loom. I so love being a wired mompreneur.

Finally our order came and here she is ready to create her own pancakes! I ordered just the plain batter but loaded up on the toppings of cheese cubes, ham, bacon, chocolate chips, banana.

I made a star-shaped pancake.

While Reese made hearts and this sweet short message: R loves M (Reese loves mom!:) )

I was right, she loved Slappy Cakes!


This particular one gets an award for the most creative date. Together with Reese’s close friend Dani and her mom, my friend and Pure Pilates extraordinaire, Linzi, we went to Sip & Gogh in Capitol Hills, Quezon City.

I saw this place when Linzi posted in on her instagram and at that time, I had just told Reese I wished we could go to a painting class together. So Linzi was happy enough to not only share her discovery with us, but to even join us at our first painting session!

The week before, we agreed on a date and chose a painting online here and booked and paid for our reservation. SIP and GOGH is located in Capitol Hills Quezon City, quite a far drive for us, but you know what, it was worth the trip because it was such a unique experience.

SIP and GOGH is an “art and entertainment” venue, the first of its kind in Manila. It’s a painting studio where you can paint (or learn to paint) over sips of wine. It’s a nice, comfy space, with sample works lining its walls.

Lots of art-spiration here

Here’s the SIP

and the paint for we Van GOGH wanna-bes

Some rules!

A blank canvas was set before each of us

And our instructor patiently taught us our chosen artwork step by step

After painting the canvas green, we created the head and body

Then painted its back feathers

The busy four-some

Linzi and Dani

having LOTS of fun

Some parts were more challenging than others, like the eyes.

But we were successful in creating our first works of art which we got to bring home.

Loved this date with Reese and our friends!

Those were my most precious moments with my little girl! #myreesespieces

Where did you have your favorite date with your little one?

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