Travel Tales “On Foot”

Our friend, stand-up comedian and TV host, Tim Tayag guested us on his podcast “ON FOOT” two weeks ago.

Tim calls Gary his “Kuya” (notice the resemblance?)

It was the very first time we were ever on a podcast. With Tim and his co-host Chino being kind to us, we really enjoyed the experience. Check out our ON FOOT guesting here:

Guesting on the show made me impatient for our next family getaway (and by the way The Travel & Tour Expo is ongoing till Sunday! Now I’m so tempted to go!)

Tim’s asking us about our past travels also brought back memories of our fun trips especially the Anniversary trip that Gary and I go on every year. One of the more recent trips was to Malaysia, including our side trip to nearby Malacca. The trip was memorable because of the sights…

the shopping,

or course the food tripping…

and more food tripping.

Our friend Nelson had posted photos of Malacca on Facebook months before. Prior to that I didn’t know of the place, but his photos were beautiful it made me want to visit. So while we were in KL, we went to the bus terminal

and took a bus to Malacca which took around an hour to get to.

It was a comfortable ride, and soon we reached our destination.

Malacca, is a Unesco World Heritage Site so structures from when they were under Dutch colonial rule are preserved and maintained.

This is Christ Church in Malacca, an Anglican church built in the 18th century

Dutch Square, felt like we were in Europe

The river running through Malacca city

Nelson also told us that we shouldn’t leave Malacca without eating at the “Hainanese Chicken restaurant on Jonker street”. He also told us it was a hole-in-the-wall resto and not to expect anything in terms of ambience but $%*#!! we better not miss it! With that emotion-filled recommendation, we were happy we found the place

The restaurant is called KEDAI KOPI CHUNG WAH. It is still family-run, certainly no-frills yet the place was packed

and the draw? their delicious Hainanese Chicken

and their rice balls!

It was so good we devoured 3 plates!

Between me and my date, I think I ate 2 of those 3!

Now we can’t wait for our next travel adventure, whether on foot, by car or by plane!

Thanks for having us Tim!

Chino, Tim, Gary and I at the Woosah Studios

Check out Tim Tayag’s website here for more On Foot videos and other fun stuff-

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