Working Out while Lying Down

Writing a quick post because this is just something I just have to share. What if I told you we can lose those stubborn inches off our tummies, arms and legs even when just sitting or lying down.

I tell you, this non-invasive slimming treatment puts the old adage, “No Pain, no Gain” to obscurity.
Marie France set 2

They just strap you up and you feel vibration around the muscle area.
Marie France set 2
You feel your muscles contracting as it naturally resists the vibration and personally I feel like my muscles are working involuntarily and “sweating it out” even without me doing a thing.

Physique is incorporated in my FMS treatments
Marie France set 3

Here I am “doing” 225 sit ups…
Marie France Tripollar Legend
…because based on studies, that’s the equivalent amount of muscle work and toning you would get from a 15 minute session of the Physique Inch Loss Treatment at Marie France.

For when you’re a bit “lazy” but want to stay a “yummy mommy”, Physique is it!

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